"Just plain irresistible" 4 Stars, The Music

"Full bodied second LP... is substantial and satisfying" 3 1/2 Stars, Rolling Stone

"A must-see act that will seduce your ears with its chansons." The Weekend Edition

"From start to finish, Baby et Lulu’s close harmonies are captivating... I dare say that if we exported Baby et Lulu to France, they’d give their native rivals a run for their money." In Daily

"Dobson and Goodridge are able to deliver it as if born to the task" – 3.5 Stars SMH John Shand


"It is impossible not to be charmed by the hypnotic voices of Baby and Lulu" Arts Hub

"Baby et Lulu, a couple of unabashed Francophile chanteuses, put on a show that leaves their audience feeling as refreshed as a bottle of sweet white wine rather than Cabaret’s standard night on the red." Aussie Theatre.com

"They have a tongue-in-cheek rapport and their voices blend beautifully as they roll out hits...Dobson's French adaptation of her hit single Even When I'm Sleeping was a highlight and Goodridge plays a mean fiddle." Adelaide Now 

"Arriving to the packed out Festival Theatre main stage, it was clear the très charismatic pairing of sexy songstress’ Abby Dobson and Lara Goodridge, AKA Baby et Lulu, have earned themselves a strong following of baguette-loving-baby-boomers" The AU Review 

"Chanteuses Abby Dobson and Lara Goodridge in slinky, tight frocks and showing some leg — as part of the 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival — was advertised as ‘a sassy romance in Paris’ and did not disappoint." Global Media Post

"Dobson and Goodridge had the seated audience eating out of the palms of their hands... and pranced off stage to the sounds of a standing ovation"  - Drum Media

‘Goodridge and Dobson combine their amazing talents in an explosion of French chic. The Jazzy, French chanson will have you feeling like you’re sitting in a Parisian café, even if you’ve never been to France.  After hearing some of their tunes it is hard not to appreciate the talent that is Baby et Lulu.” Alt Media

“There’s a joie de vivre… C’est tres bon.” Sydney Morning Herald

‘With blithe spirit, old material is made new, yet again” The Australian, CD Review

“Dobson & Goodridge's vocals entwine; two lovesick songbirds in a melancholic pas de deux. Superb... Dobson's husky, yet delicate, quivering vocals put one immediately in mind of berets, checkerboard cafe chairs and long-legged passers-by. Goodridge's assertive, ever-adaptable and versatile violin playing has a clarity that matches her singing.” Australian Stage